Why are we organized as a Healing Church instead of a medical clinic?

Our Church is, first and foremost, a healing organization. We have been a private membership association since 2001. We believe in healing rather than to simply offer treatments. We hope that we will raise enough money o that some day we can have a We do not believe that medicine should be practiced as a form of commerce. In our modern times, all medical training and the licensing systems used are designed to make us offer you treatments instead of working at healing you. Of course, if our treatments do heal you, that is fine, but we are not healers within the modern medical times. The medical system utilizes fear to control you and the therapists who treat you. The system insists on checking on training and educational backgrounds and threaten us with liability and controls of our actions. All of these things are done by our corporate names with our licenses showing our names spelled out all in capital letters, showing that we are good citizens, following laws that only help the system to control us, but make it less likely that you can be healed. Why do we mean? For example, in the 1980s Dr. Howell was trained in naturopathic medical school to treat laboratory diagnosed pernicious anemia with injections of vitamin B-12. He had a few patients with anemia, and treated them with the injections. (Oral vitamin B-12 does not treat pernicious anemia, only intramuscular vitamin injections.) The State of Washington prosecuted him and revoked his naturopathic medical license in 1991 for breaking the law. Yet he was safely performing the medically appropriate therapy as he was trained within the new laws that the State had passed to confirm that naturopathic physicians were well-trained. The State maintains that medical practice laws are to protect the consumer, but there are many cases of malpractice despite these laws. What generally occurs, instead, is that there are many treatments that are not available even though health practitioners and their clients agree that they want these therapies to be offered. Whenever a licensed health practitioner goes to work, he/she must only offer services that are within the scope of practice as defined by the State, regardless of his/her training background and expertise. Dr, Howell once was fired from a clinic in California because the clinic’s head physician lacked the skills in cranial manipulation to be allowed to “supervise” Dr. Howell when he was manipulating his clients. We understand the desire to protect people from bad therapy. But isn’t word of mouth from happy/unhappy clients a good measure of skill? Must there be restrictive laws that prevent widespread access to a therapy? In our Church, we only treat Members. Our Church, legally formed in Puerto Rico, is named Church of Divine Structure Priory Number 175, is outside the US Corporation and is not subject to the Uniform Commercial Code and other laws for businesses inside the US corporation. In our healing centers we can offer any therapy that the Church healer and the client agree upon. This allows us to, for example, offer ozone treatments, parasite cleansing, radionic treatments, and acupressure treatments to any Member anywhere in the world. Because we are an IRS regulation 508 organization, you can deduct all Church donations from your IRS 1040 form, if you have volunteered to pay income tax. Your Church membership is currently available for $50 a year. Temporary memberships are available for $2 daily. You must have a membership to receive treatment from any CoDS sanctified healer. All the ministers and deacons of CoDS are lawfully and legally-recognized, sanctified healers, able to work anywhere, worldwide. We are all members of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope. The Church of Hope is the healing branch of the Knights of Saint John. The Knights of St. John are the healers and hospitalers for the Knights of Malta. Therefore, we are healers for the Knights of Hope, the Knights of St. John, and the Knights of Malta, and are accepted and recognized by the UN and governments all over the world. Who are we? We are led by Rev. Dr. Dean Howell and Rev. Rebecca Hart Malter When Dr. Howell was a young medical student, he treated a middle-aged woman for low back pain, and, at first, the pains were in the “bellies” of her large back muscles. As he worked more deeply, he felt tension patterns and lumps in the fibers of the tendons of the muscles. His teacher remarked that working out those lumps and bumps in the tendon was called Rolfing.He didn’t think about it much at the time. Instead he enjoyed the praise the woman heaped on him for working those knots out! Over the years, Dr. Howell kept working on his treatment methods to make them give lasting results for ever increasing levels of success. The first ten or fifteen years, the structural approaches to musculoskeletal corrections worked well. Then treatments seemed to stop improving more—his level of success stopped improving, and stable predictable results became the norm. There was a core group in the practice who did not get enough better—they could stop getting treatments. They really didn’t heal. This was especially true of people who had surgically reconstructed body parts, extensive scars, adhesions, etc. He wondered what could be done for them? The problem was that working the muscle and bone positions with massage and manipulations didn’t change the tendons and ligaments that had lumps and bumps left over from the injuries. Even the Rolfing didn’t help with those. Whenever Dr. Howell gets stuck and frustrated with his work, he meditates or prays, asking for help to create a solution. Sometimes he gets answers. This is how he has developed many diagnostic and treatment methods–by being quiet and listening to messages from within. He has been practicing for nearly forty years. Sometime recently Dr. Howell was led to work—not on the ligament and tendons of a man with a club foot—but on the periosteum (the bone coating) that becomes the ligament or tendon. When there is a strain or sprain, the pulling on the connective tissues of the ligament or tendon pulls some of the periosteum off the bone. When normal healing occurs, the tissues usually heal flat and smooth, like wallpaper glued properly on the wall. These special, troubled people had scarring in the periosteum, and this leads to problems. The people that Dr. Howell found with these periosteal problems were his most chronic, desperate people, with terrible pains and chronic joint problems. His wonderful discovery was to find out that treating these lumps and bumps gave these people relief and long lasting results. Somebody made a joke that this wasn’t “Healing,” it was “Howelling”—and the name stuck. The concept that needs to be understood here is that the old scars and adhesions prevent normal function of the muscles, tendons, ligaments,and nerves. Howelling is the method of melting the scars and adhesions to allow the damaged tissues to regrow normally. It works best to schedule Howelling in one- or two-hour sessions. Some people will get four hours of Howelling in a day, but Dr. Howell needs a 30-minute break between two-hour Howelling sessions. and they are ably assisted by our Minister of Technology, Peter Radatti Our Deacons are an important part of our healing community. They help us in our outreach efforts, sometimes daily. Juan Abi Zak Mascalo Rome Mascalo Giona Corso-Winks Alan Malter

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